Hi there! I'm Seb, a web dev. (as you might have guessed with the title)

Growing up, I always had an affinity for everything tech related. Jailbreaking my first iPod, installing custom ROMs on my android phones (and nearly bricking them) or modding my gaming consoles were some of the things that developed my problem solving skills.

Today I'm enthralled by web development. Creating new experiences, implementing eye pleasing designs and making them come to life with animation is what I do best.


screenshot of my project named Tailwind Helper

Tailwind Helper

Featured on Product Hunt, Tailwindhelper is an open source tool that helps you with tailwind classes. It can convert units, helps you choose colors, visualize how a font will look and more. Still a work in progress.

When switching from working with css to working with tailwind, I sometimes forget what the tailwind class for a specific style is, so this tool helps me to stay productive when I code with tailwind.

Built using NextJS, Typescript and Tailwind CSS

screenshot of my project named AqiFind


AqiFind gives you information on air pollution, letting you search for a city to learn more on its current air quality and its weather.

The app fetches data from Aqicn REST Api, and lays the data out in a user-friendly format using graphs. The main page shows a 3d globe build with ThreeJS that displays every station with an AQI (air quality index) higher than the norm.

Built using Next.js, Three.js, Tailwind CSS, GSAP and Vercel

screenshot of my project named Discover Switzerland

Discover Switzerland

An image-based website showcasing Switzerland. The goal is to give the viewer an overview of the country, the culture and some cities, guiding the user through a smooth experience.

I opted to use GSAP and a smooth scroll library to give a modern and interactive feel.

Built using React, React-Router and and GSAP as well as Framer Motion


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I am currently not looking for an opportunity, but if you have a question or just want to chat, feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you!